Introductory Questions

By Jack Frischer
  1. Jack Frischer, Communication Design, Junior
  3. I grew up in New York and Connecticut, and I was prompted to take this class based on the Communication Design degree requirments
  5. I don not have much experience with HTML,CSS, or JS, but have taken Computer Science and have worked in WordPress.
  7. I am very excited to learn how to code a portfolio website. I currently use Adobe Portfolio which works well, but would love to learn how to make a portfolio website from scratch.
  9. I think designing for a screen is going to be a lot more guess and check because the design it produced from code. Unlike for paper, I can't manually place imagery in a certain spot without the code being correct.
  11. was designed by a Washington University and I think it is beautiful based on the interaction to your mouse and scroll through.
  13. gives in depth analysis into several typefaces, and I think it's layout provides clear communication of it's overall purpose.
  15. in my opinion is a great site for it's design and communication. It provides outlets for lots of different forms of video content and provides the viewer related videos to keep them interested to stay online longer.